The imagination of smart logistics

Logistics exists as part of the supply chain in multiple parts of the chain. After years of development, under the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing costs, the emphasis on the overall optimization of the supply chain in various industries has gradually surpassed the previous attention to logistics. The intelligent logistics technology in the Internet era may also give china air freight logistics. Some new annotations to the traditional concept.

Automation refers to the process of automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, and manipulation control of machine equipment, systems or processes (production, management processes) without the direct participation of no one or fewer people, according to human requirements. .

Digitalization is from the perspective of supply chain. The digital supply chain is a close integration of modern digital technology and supply chain model. Through artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other technologies, it can open up the business flow, information flow and capital flow in the supply chain. , logistics, to achieve supply chain visualization management, with immediate, visual, perceptible, and adjustable capabilities.

Intelligent means the use of bar code, radio frequency identification technology, sensors, global positioning system and other advanced technologies, through the network communication technology platform is widely used in the logistics industry transportation, warehousing, distribution and other basic activities, to achieve automated operation and high efficiency of the cargo transportation process Optimize management.

Unmanned is to force more and more enterprises to pressure on labor costs, and turn to automation and intelligent equipment for help, in order to replace people with highly intelligent equipment, to create an unmanned logistics center.

Intelligence is not simply unmanned, they overlap or overlap in some respects, but they cannot draw equal signs. Intelligent logistics involves all aspects of logistics, and is a holistic logistics solution characterized by intelligent technology applications. Unmanned logistics is only a sub-logistics system style or operation mode in intelligent logistics. Only by integrating human intelligence into the entire intelligent logistics will a complete intelligent logistics system be presented.

Post time: May-18-2022