Customer Stories

There are 3 styles of classical customers cases to help you understand better about our expected cooperation.

Warehousi​ng + Shipping

QC + Shipping

Labeli​ng + Shipping

What Our Old Customers Say


Nick, from BRIK

“Fantastic, thank you so much for your detailed and very informative feedback.

Sounds really good to me and your service & communication are super professional, really enjoy it!”


Sonia, from DORIS SLEEP

“It’s a pain to pick, pack, and print the labels, and manage the storage. It would be a huge stress for us to do it ourselves, but the fact that ZHYT takes care of it all, both the savings in costs and time, is invaluable to our business”


Tracy, from BAKBLADE

“ZHYT company has definitely adapted to our growth. They keep getting better and better, helping brands grow and expand at a ratio that other 3rd party logistics companies might be a few years behind.”

What Our New Customers Say