International Express Service

DHL international express

DHL international express is the market leader in the global express industry. It can provide high-quality express service to enterprises and private customers in 220 countries and regions. Shenzhen xinjiasheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is the first-class agent of DHL international express in China, with reasonable price and professional operation. It is the preferred channel for you to pursue fast, reliable and stable Amazon FBA first journey service.

Main advantages of DHL international express:

✓ fast, reliable and stable, to help you achieve fast replenishment of FBA inventory, improve the logistics weight of Amazon online stores and accelerate capital turnover.

✓ direct flights to Europe, America and other major processing centers every day. European and American countries have 2-3 working days for reference, and Japan has 1-2 working days for reference.

✓ strong express clearance capability, especially in Europe (headquartered in Germany).

✓ effectively solve the logistics pain points of your live products.

Applicable scope of DHL international express:

✓ high value goods with very high requirements for logistics timeliness and service quality.

✓ very suitable for small express goods (under 21 kg).


UPS international express

UPS international express company is a world-famous express carrier and parcel delivery company, covering 220 countries and regions. After years of co-operation, Shenzhen xinjiasheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. has formed a good partnership with UPS international express. It is the first-class agent of UPS international express in China, with affordable price and professional service. It is the best choice for your Amazon FBA's first-time transportation, and it is also our key recommended express product.

Main advantages of UPS international express:

✓ the service and price are moderate, with high cost performance, which is very suitable for the demand of domestic export cross-border e-commerce sellers for Amazon FBA first route transportation at this stage.

The price of bulk goods in Europe, America and Japan has obvious advantages. Meanwhile, the express customs clearance ability is strong and the service time is guaranteed.

✓ effectively address your needs for the logistics and transportation of live products, including mobile power supplies and pure batteries.

Applicable scope of UPS international express:

✓ red order, especially the mainland red order service, is suitable for goods with high time limitation requirements but sensitive to price;

✓ blue list, especially Hong Kong blue list service, is suitable for goods with high price requirements but not high time limitation requirements.

✓ other channels are not suitable for walking live products, including mobile power supply and pure battery.


FedEx international express

FedEx is one of the largest international express transportation companies in the world, serving 220 countries and regions. Services are divided into priority (IP, 3-4 working days) and economy (ie, 6-7 working days).

FedEx's main advantages:

✓ in America, especially in the United States, FedEx has very good express clearance and delivery capabilities.

The price of economic services (ie) small goods in the direction of the Americas has priority.

The price of bulk goods is often promoted. During the promotion period, the price in Europe, America and Japan is very cheap.

FedEx's scope of application:

✓ small goods for economic services in the direction of the Americas;

The bulk of economic services during the promotion period.


TNT International Express

TNT International Express Company is the world's leading express and postal service provider, providing all-round express and postal services for enterprises and individual customers. Shenzhen xinjiasheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is the first-class agent of TNT International Express Company in China.

Main advantages of TNT International Express:

✓ relatively speaking, TNT International Express's price is the most affordable among the four major international express.

✓ headquartered in the Netherlands, Western European countries have first-class express customs clearance capacity and delivery network, and the economic service reference period is 4-10 working days. Western European countries mainly include Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

Application scope of TNT International Express:

✓ it is very suitable for goods in Western Europe that are very price sensitive and have higher requirements for service reliability and stability than Air Canada.