European Line

Service Introduction

China EU special line service is a high-quality and efficient logistics service tailored for cross-border e-commerce sellers to sell high-value goods based on the European market. The service takes advantage of Hong Kong's sufficient air transport resources and the advantages of customs clearance in the UK, and combines the two to create a fast and strong cross-border e-commerce special line service. It is especially suitable for transporting small and light goods with high value and time limit.

This service is guaranteed, with higher security and good cost performance. It is another guarantee choice for customers to deliver European packages.


Product advantage

1) Fast speed - China and Hong Kong use postal supervision trucks, with a low probability of passing through the port for vehicle inspection. On the same day, the goods will cross the port and fly directly to the UK for customs clearance. After customs clearance, the goods can be transferred to the UK express processing center on the same day. After receiving the package, the UK express processing center does not need to deal with it twice and directly arranges the delivery. The terminal delivery logistics provider is the local post office.

2) Channel route: after the package is processed on the same day, it is handed over to the fixed Chinese post port car for passing through the port every day. Cathay Pacific is selected as the air terminal to ensure that flights to the UK are sent out every night. Due to the fixed contract and cooperation, the air freight space has been booked in advance during the peak season, so there is no need to worry about the problem of warehouse explosion.

3) Tracking in the whole process - when a customer places an order, a tracking number can be generated, and tracking information can be found on our official website in the whole process!

4) Value added services - provide value-added services such as additional insurance, return service, post return and forwarding.


Delivery time limit of European Special Line

Reference time 4 - 8 working days

Volume weight limit

If the package weighs less than 30kg, more than one package will not be accepted. The longest side shall not exceed 120cm, and the maximum volume of package shall be 0.17m3.

Volume weight calculation standard: (length * width * height) / 6000.

Billing method: which is the larger of the actual weight and volume!

Follow up inquiry: provide inquiry service, and the website is our official website


European special line price

1. Please log in the homepage of our website for the price of European special line, or contact the exclusive business manager for quotation.

Europe special line query

Follow up website: our official website

Customs related

This channel belongs to DDP duty paying service.

① value added tax (VAT) collection:

In order to ensure fast customs clearance, this service only accepts DDP. When the declared value is ≤ 15gbp, VAT & duty will be exempted; when the declared value is > 15gbp, VAT & duty will be generated. The VAT standard is 25% of the declared value. (for example: the declared value of a package is £ 30, and the duty is 10% of the declared value, i.e. £ 3). Then VAT = (30 + 3) * 25% = 8.25gbp.)

Goods in excess of £ 135 will not be accepted for the time being. Note: this declaration requirement is not applicable to high-value products, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc!

② Tariff collection:

When the total declared value of a package sent to the same addressee every day is more than 135gbp, in addition to VAT, there may be customs duties. Whether or not the tariff is generated and the amount of tariff generated depends on the articles sent and relevant customs policies and regulations.

Tax rate query website:

Declaration requirements:

Declaration standard: 10 pounds / kg

No less than £ 50 per mobile phone

No less than £ 30 per tablet

Claim related

a) If there is no extracted information, the maximum compensation shall be no more than 100 yuan according to the declared value, and if there is any loss after extraction, the maximum compensation shall be no more than 300 yuan according to the declared value.

European special line return related

Refund service

When the package is returned to the UK office, the customer has the following three ways to deal with the returned parts:

1) Reissue

2) Discarded parts

3) Return (choose to return to Hong Kong or directly to China)


1) The charge for discarded parts is 20RMB / kg + 5RMB per piece. Please consult our customer service for reissue and return fees.

2) Change of address: after the goods are sent to the UK, our company provides the service of change of address. The charging standard is the European special line freight + 50RMB / ticket.


Prohibited articles

1) Dangerous goods, chemicals, inflammables and explosives, radioactive substances, perishable organic substances, and articles prohibited or restricted by postal legislation.

2) Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances.

3) Weapons, knives, daggers and other sharp or sharp objects

4) Living animals or parasites, as well as articles prohibited or restricted by postal legislation.

5) The inscription on the outside of the parcel contains contents that are contrary to good morality and public order.

6) Illegal import, export, circulation, distribution, use and all packages

7) Packages that may pose a threat to others or damage other Belgian post or third party owned packages and equipment due to their shape, nature and packaging.

8) Packages that violate laws or other special laws and regulations.

9) Food, food additives or other drugs, etc

10) Do not accept valuables, such as antiques, high-value works of art, jewelry, securities, currency, etc.

11) Do not accept imitation products, can accept with built-in battery, matching battery, do not accept pure battery products.)


Operational requirements

Order upload: the order of European special line needs to be established in our logistics system before shipment.


Shipping instructions

1. The order must be established in our logistics system (package information is entered), and the invoice (3) and waybill (1) must be printed in the system and delivered to us with the goods;

2. Use blank express bags or cartons for packaging, and the outer packaging shall not have characters of other post offices or express companies. It is required that the package is intact and firm and not easy to be damaged.

3. Fill in the order information correctly in English, in which the item name needs to be as detailed as possible, and do not declare in terms of gift, sample, etc;

4. order