CN US Special Line Including Tax

Product Introduction

The China-US Double Clearance Tax Express is our high cost-effective channel for China to the United States that can be charged. The first journey is from Hong Kong Cathay Pacific to the United States, and the end is delivered to UPS / FEDEX for back-end delivery. All operations are performed by one hand, the time is stable, and the cargo transfer is safe and controllable. After the goods are delivered to the warehouse, the tracking number can be provided within half an hour. Volume / 6000; can be connected: live and magnetic products, Bluetooth products, solar products, adult products, electronic cigarettes, cosmetics, etc.!


Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Nonstop-China-US Air Express

● Double clearance package tax; back-end UPS / FEDEX delivery

● Time limit: 3-5 working days for picking up (deposits during peak season, delays in customs clearance and flight delays are not included)

● Flight: 12367

● The United States has its own overseas warehouse to arrange customs clearance, cabinet pick-up, demolition, and delivery (courier / truck), and the back-end aging is more guaranteed!


Invoice packing list requirements:

Shipment needs to provide complete cargo information, including product name, material, use, model, HS code, declared value, brand, etc .; if the customer's declaration does not match, all responsibility will be borne by the delivery party.


Packaging requirements:

1. The carton packaging must be tough, and the area of the carton must be able to affix two labels on one side; the irregular packaging and the soft packaging that are easily damaged; the sender will be responsible for any product loss or loss due to packaging problems.

2. For FBA goods, at least two FBA bar code labels must be affixed to each box of the outer box (the bar code font must be clear, moisture-proof and wear-resistant). The label must be affixed to a large area of the box to ensure that our company can affix LABEL dispatch label; if the FBA label cannot be identified and Amazon cannot be listed normally, the consequences will be borne by the sender!


Delivery requirements:

The minimum price for a single piece is 10KG. If it is less than 10KG, it will be counted as 10KG. It can be connected to live and magnetic products.


Non-FBA address and remote address:

Private address, business address or overseas warehouse address + RMB1 / KG (MIN 150RMB / ticket)

Residential address + RMB30 / piece

Remote address (including FBA address, business address and private address) + RMB25 / piece.

Delivery Range / Delivery Range

The service of this channel is limited to the 48 continents of the United States. Mailboxes and military addresses will not be accepted. Wait!)