American Airlift Line

Service introduction

The U.S. special line usexp is a high cost-effective channel for our company to send China to the United States. The first flight is from Hong Kong to the United States, customs clearance is completed within 24h, and the last one kilometer is delivered by FedEx. After the goods are delivered to the warehouse, it is confirmed that the goods can be delivered online within 24h.


Delivery range

Normal area dispatch.

Non delivery areas: remote areas such as Alaska and Hawaii, overseas addresses such as Puerto Rico and Guam, apo / FPO military addresses, remote and ultra remote areas defined by FedEx.


Product aging


5-8 working days


Product details

Weight mode: If it is less than 50g, it will be charged according to 50g, and the actual weight and volume weight will be charged according to the larger one, with volume weight of 8000 (CM).

Weight limit: 30kg.

Volume limit: The maximum acceptable length ≤ 170cm, length + 2 width + 2 height ≤ 330cm.

Product restrictions:

Can receive general products, built-in battery products.

Tariff related: It is not allowed to accept the package with the same name and address, and the cumulative package declaration value on the same day is more than 800 US dollars.

Value added services:

1. Within 15 days after unsuccessful dispatch, you can choose to re dispatch: RMB40 / ticket.

2. Destruction: free of charge.


Insurance related:

1. If the delivery date is more than 30 days, the customer shall provide a refund / resend certificate and return the freight.

2. If the delivery date is more than 60 days, the customer shall provide the refund / resend certificate, return the freight and claim the insured value, and the maximum compensation amount of freight + insured value shall not exceed 1000USD.

3. If the package is lost during the transportation, our company will compensate according to the freight + insured value of the goods. If the loss amount is less than RMB 10000.00, no deductible will be set, and the deductible rate is 3%. If the loss amount is higher than (equal to) RMB 10000.00, the deductible of RMB 500.00 or 3% shall prevail.

4. The premium shall be charged 0.6% based on the sum of freight and insured value, and the insured value shall not exceed 150% of the declared value. The maximum insured value is not more than 50 USD.

5. Fragile products and other products not covered by the insurance company shall not be compensated.


Trace query:

It can be supported on our website

Inspection requirements: Within 10 working days after the last update information, no open query service will be provided one month after the shipment.